Due to recent advances in periodontal tissue engineering, Dr. Joubert is now able to cost-effectively apply these new bioactive products to create more predictable healing and regeneration of lost tissues. These growth proteins are a biological product made up of a unique group of active proteins found in nascent tooth development. They naturally and predictably regenerate lost tooth attachment.

Why are these Growth Proteins so Important?

Regenerative proteins allow the body to maximize and accelerate the natural healing process. Typically, the body sends many different types of cells to the wound to begin healing. Regenerative proteins send a signal to those types of cells. These cells are involved in a number of healing functions including forming blood clots and releasing growth factors (GF) at the wounded site.
Growth Factors (GF) stimulate stem cells to generate new tissue in order to repair the body. As the quantity of GF at the wound increase, so does the number of stem cells activated to produce new tissue. Therefore, it is clear that using regenerative proteins helps the body heal more quickly and efficiently.

Clinical Uses for Regenerative Proteins

  • Bone grafting, such as sinus lifts or ridge expansion.
  • Soft tissue grafting such as treatment of gum recession
  • Regeneration of bone loss around natural teeth and dental implants.

Advantages of Regenerative Growth Proteins

It is safe.
Because these FDA approved proteins are Laboratory engineered and delivered sterile to the area, so the risk of disease transmission is not a concern.
It promotes faster healing.
By supersaturating the wound with regenerative growth proteins, tissue synthesis and regeneration increase.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are Regenerative Growth Proteins made?

These proteins are engineered in the laboratory therefore there is no risk for disease transmission.

Do I need Regenerative Growth Proteins for my procedure?

Sometimes there is no need for Regenerative proteins. Dr. Joubert will discuss your treatment options with you, including whether or not you would benefit from the use of this approach.

Will my insurance cover the cost of Regenerative Growth Proteins?

Regenerative proteins are not typically covered by insurance. However, many find it cost efficient based on the benefits that treatment with growth factors provides.