New Office Policies:

  • Until further notice, email communication is preferred due to limited staff working in the office. Checking our email is a lot easier than checking our voicemail, and it ensures more than one team member sees it, so it’s more likely to be answered timely.
  • We are only seeing one or two patients per day to finish dental treatment that we have started. This includes root canals, crowns, some periodontal (gum) work. This allows us to treat a dental emergency should a patient need to be seen immediately.
  • To confirm/reschedule appointments, we ask that you simply respond using the texts/emails we send prior to appointments.
  • Our reception room is closed. Check-in is done over the phone. Patients wait to be called in for an appointment once the previous patient is gone and we have completed sanitation of all public areas.
  • Only patients may enter the office. Spouses, friends, caregivers and parents need to wait outside. They can assist patients to the front door and hand-off to the assistant.
  • If a patient has had a fever recently or in contact with anyone who is/has been sick, we ask that you communicate that to us so we may better treat you.